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Oh Sehun

✖ 99 liner


✖ This is definitely a multiblog

✖ Been down to gay creatures living in EXO planet.
can i take you home? jebbal~

Anonymous: cool url!!!!

naw gomawo *bows* *bows* *bows* you’re making me blush. let’s get married!^^

July 6th, 2014 ∞ 0 notes
baekhyun being bacon

Anonymous: Im sehun's wife you're not

sorry but according to the laws that i’ve seen it was clearly stated that it’s the first one who’ll be allegedly have the rights to claim that she’s the one. so sorry to say that your opinion/complain/protest is completely null and void. -sincerely yours *bows 90 degrees and smirks* the legal wife

July 2nd, 2014 ∞ 0 notes
-don’t peek chanyeol
woah he can really be an action star

Anonymous: sehun's ugly he's so pointed and skinny like a girl duh why he is your bias?

for you he is but for me he’s completely N O T. he’s imperfectly perfect in every way and that pulls me to fall and fall for him deeply 

June 18th, 2014 ∞ 3 notes